Sunday, 8 February 2009

Halo Wars Demo - Hits my Sweet Spot

At the end of the week, the Halo Wars demo was released on the x-box live service. As soon as of hit the Europe servers, I jumped onboard.

I admit that I have always enjoyed a good RTS (real-time strategy). They tingle my logic neurons and I enjoy having to sit down plan and be tactical in order to achieve a goal unlike FPS type games which are more fast action pace & brute force.

Surprisingly, Halo Wars brings a good balance between the need to be tactical and the fast pace of an action game. Building and creating your force-de-frappe has a good feel to it as you can get things up and running quite quickly but you need to plan ahead to be able build more advanced units. Combat is fast paced and easy to jump into. The parts I played on the demo were very focused on achieving goals and the intermingling of the Halo Wars storyline (including some amazing cut scenes) made it attractive and enticing to move forward in the game. Now I did not get a chance to play the online team mode but I've heard that it is quite an experience as well.

All-in-all Halo Wars looks like it will hit a sweet spot :- a must buy!

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