Saturday, 15 November 2008

Stuck in Houston

So I was supposed to leave today and quite anxious to as well but I find myself stuck in Houston. The Air France pilots went on strike this weekend and it seems like there are no possibilities for me to reach home before Monday. Air France sent me an e-mail during the middle of the night with a changed reservation to Monday afternoon.

Oh! Well, this sucks but its just a cumulation of just bad events in the disaster that my life is right now. I wish I could say better things but with all the trouble I've been having these past years plus while I was a way a bunch of stuff went down at home that's going to be expensive.

Well gives me two more days to do some last minute shopping... Thinking I might just as well get that MacBook to give myself a nice pill.

Despite Best Effort

The weeks have been long and tedious and despite best efforts, I was just not energetic enough to be able to do somethings I wanted to. Did not have time to do any serious tech stuff or do any gaming. I think the disappointing tech shopping, in ability to exchange some travelers checks and the hesitation to buy a MacBook has not helped.

I think things would actually be different if my job didn't depress me as much and if thinks for me were working better ( crap happened at home that's just hitting the pocket book even more now). I basically know what I need to do to get out of the rut but at the moment the mental energy required to achieve it is not there.

Anyway things are as they are...

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Tech Shopping Disappointment

So with this trip to Houston, I was hoping to get some much needed tech. I need a few upgrades for the home PC as well as some portable storage.Unfortunately the selection was not as good as I would have hoped. I did manage to get a few things at a good price including a 6 pack of 4gb thumb drives & a Seagate 750gb sata drive.
Did spend a few bucks on cheap HD-DVDs & large selection of DVDs. As well as managing to pre-order Warth of the Lich King (so I'll be able to jump to Northend as soon as I get home).
What's left, well I am still not sure about getting a motherboard and new CPU however the total would quickly rack up & it's not that much cheaper than buying back home besides think I would rather put the money into a MacBook.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Back to Houston...

As I write this, the plane is somewhere over north america - gotta luv wordpress for the Touch. Yep, on the way back to Houston, TX. This should be am interesting but dull trip.
Interesting because I will be living live one of the potentially most drastic US presidential elections ( and I hate politics) personally hoping myself and for the world that the candidate for Change (Obama) win! Above that though because I will be able to connect up with a few friends and colleagues that I enjoy bantering and ranting with. And there is also the fact that I can do some good tech shopping including potentially a MacBook Pro.
On the other hand, I have dreaded the advent of this trip work wise since September (the original trip was cancelled 'cause of Ike). This has to be potentially the least productivity two week business trip I am on in quite awhile. I don't expect to gain or learn much in this hand-over activity I am doing for some of my new objectives & responsibilities.Unfortunately , the work is not & will not challenge me in anyway. Let's face it even the job description that was forwarded to me lists the position to require a person with an experience that's one third of mine.
One other thing I will try to achieve as well is to get a little better and more rhythm on the lifehacking stuff(back into blogging, kyteTV, etc). Let's see what happens...