Saturday, 6 January 2007

My sucky X-Mas 2006!

On the 26th of December, I went out for the traditional Alsacien boxing day hunt. The day was one of the coldest of the week and the landscape presented a nice and frosty/icy appearance. Walking back down from position back to the jeep, I hit a patch of dark ice while trying to avoid a much bigger patch of ice. My left leg slide under me inwards and twisted. My body weight landed on an unstable foot and my bones when CRACK! I fell to the ground - more pissed off than in pain. My left Tibia and Fibula are broken!

For those who follow football (soccer), I did something like what Djibril Cissé did about 8 months ago in a France football match.

The rescue team was called (sapeur-pompiers) and I was transported to the hospital in Mulhouse. I have a moblog of the rescue and the day here: I even made the local news (l'Alsace Newspaper)!

The 27th I was operated and a plate and screws were inserted! Spent the week (until 3rd) in hospital taking lots of pain killers, antibiotics and blood thinners (there is a risk of an embolism with these kinds of breaks because of blood clots). The Doctor actually said that I really did a great job breaking my leg but was lucky not to have torn the ligaments.

So what's next, well here is a list:
- no putting my foot down for 6 weeks
- continued pain and thinners with regular checks/controls for the next months
- House bound until March and maybe then some depending on how I heal.
- A long period of reeducation and all the crap that goes along with loosing muscle mass, etc.

The good side is that this happened to my left leg and I know what it takes and how things work... Have had a lot of experience in bone fractures, etc on my left leg. While in the hospital and after close reflection, I realized in fact that I have had a problem with my left leg on average about every 15 years - this is the 3rd time!!!

Such is life, things happen!

Thanks ahead of time for your support and well wishes..