Friday, 24 August 2007

A Memorium to Glouton

Over the past week, one of our cats named Glouton has fallen deathly ill. He has renal failure. The last of couple of days it has been getting worse.
The cat is not doing very well... Its having trouble moving & keeping its head up. I suppose that's what happens with renal failure, well from experience (note: we have lost two other cats that way as well so we kind of were expecting this).
So we took the decision to take him to the Vets this evening and end his suffering. He had not eaten for two or thee days now and was crying out in pain.
The cat has had a good life been with us for close to 17 years. He turned 16 last year. Kept us company over 2 continents and has been an overall pleasant cat apart from the times we need to bath him as he soiled himself with diarrhea. To see more of this cute Persian pedigree take a look at these photos.

R.I.P Glouton, 2007-08-24 19:40 we will miss you flat pirate face...