Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Today's my B'Day.. and F'up Very Much

So today turned out to be my birthday and like the rest of this year has turned to some what crap... Anyway this is the extent of my exciting day:

First off, car bill to fix it in order to be able to pass inspection = 2700€
Then to top it off while I was doing something in the kitchen, an loud bang and flash of light hit one of the telephone connection points up the street. I saw it from my window! This was about 19:00! So apparently the surge jumped wires, etc ( I am on a different connection box) and hit my house anyway which basically did the following:

1. Blew out the ADSL box. now I am fighting to get it fixed :- the little green lights on the left side of the led display are blinking... IMHO the box got fried.. Free, the adsl supplier, thinks its the power supply;
2. Blew out my Network gear;
3. Blew out one of my phone, which I purchased only 2 months previously;
4. Nuked my home PC (how you ask read below).

Interestingly enough, you'd be amazed at how easy a surge can jump across telephone wires and spread. The surge came through the line until it hit something that was either a termination point or grounded. In this case the grounded equipment happened to be my PC. So the surge went through the phone line, into the DSL box (fried it), jumped into the Ethernet network (fried the switch) and finally landed on the computer...