Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Ok, so I have just spent total of about 3 hours last night trying to get to the support from Free. Of which I got through like 5 times except that 4 of times I was hung up on. I decided to write a letter to them about this (they replied almost a month afterwards saying they had no idea what I was talking about).

Anyway when I finally got through.. There only answer is they cant do anything until I take my box and try it on a neighbors installation. Use their power supply and line! Who the fuck! are they kidding... That's insane!

First off, none of my direct neighbors have Free and besides that is like a by definition unrealistic argument because it doesn't prove anything! It also is just a complete and total disrespect for the customers. There is also a moral objection or social argument that by definition would not allow me to actually visit people I don't necessarily know and on top of that I must ask them to let me play with their ADSL connection. I say NO! This is just not RIGHT!

This just goes to show how this company just does not care about its customers nor do the respect them!