Thursday, 28 June 2007

Need an applet to update all my web presence sites...

There are more and more what some (and myself include) call web presence services. These include nano-blogs (like twitter, pownce, jaiku, ...) as well as social networking sites (facebook, virb, ...). With all of these having some form of social and presence attribute that works through the individual posting what is going on in their life.
It dawned on me this morning that some-one really needs to come up with an integrated tool that allows you to essentially replicate or post what you are doing to all these web presence sites. The application should in fact have these types of characteristics:
  • Allow the person to specify the current location
  • Allow the person to specify the current activity
  • Allow the person to nanoblog something
  • Allow the person to associate the activity, location and nanoblog entry together
  • Post the information to the different web presence services with more or less information based on the target environment
  • It should happen ALL at ONCE - one entry many updates
Over time I think that I could probably think of some other things for the app to do but for the moment this would be just fine!

Oh! And it should be mobile enabled as well!!!! ;)

PS: Greatly appreciate a nice person could invite me to Pownce...


Charles S. Assaf said...

oh if I only had the time I'd jump on this one :(