Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Google Docs Upgrade... Are They a Collaboration Leader?

Loading my regular tabs in Firefox today, I noticed that Google Docs had received a new update. I am not sure when they released the update but it caught my attention.

The main change that is noticeable is the new user interface. This new UI actually makes it IMHO more user friendly and presents the user's doc collection in a more familiar layout.

It provides a user with a view of his documents and has converted the document tags into folders. This is definitely an update that is useful for the overall functionality.

I am actually still impressed by the ease of use of Google Docs and the ability to collaborate in it with other people. It impress me because they have basically succeeded in creating a easy to use collaboration environment. Something that corporations, including the one I work for, are having an enormous trouble implementing... Makes you wonder why a company who has no vested interest in providing these types of services achieves it better than a corporate IT department whose users are crying out for it!