Thursday, 26 April 2007

Electro-Luminescent Technology or Printed Segmented Electroluminescence

I was recently reading some tech and sci-fi blogs when I came across this post aboutPixel Watches from O.D.M. The interesting thing with these watches is that they use electro-luminescent technology instead of standard LED displays or other. This technology is actually quite interesting it is more commonly known as Printed Segmented Electroluminescence or pSEL.

pSEL, according to WikiPedia, is a new technology (developed by UK company Pelikon) that builds on the phenomenon of electroluminescence and has uses in creating flexible displays and interface technologies. The technology essentially uses a printing method to encapture phosphorous materials that have different capacitive, insulation and conducting layers to create iconic and segmented lit areas. The company boasts that the displays are cheaper to produce, lightweight, brighter and can provide touch based input. Here is a demo from YouTube: