Thursday, 12 April 2007

Can Playing the Wii Help You Exercise Correctly

While reading my RSS feeds today, I ran across this article: Personal trainer turns to the Wii | Crave : The gadget blog.

Interestingly enough, it discuss how a personal trainer in Glasgow (UK for you non-geography types) has devised a fitness program using the Wii. I am assuming that this is achieved through an extensive physical use of the controller. That means getting off the couch and jumping around with the Wii mote in hand.

Well people, I am trying to do that exactly (althought this week will be hard as my son ran off with the Wii for his vacation). I have been diligently playing Wii Sports doing both the Training and Practice activities and some events like tennis, bowling and boxing.

To be fair my Wii Training Age has varied anywhere between 28 (achieved 2 days ago) versus 50 (that one was done about 4 days ago). The problem is that for some of the sports I have not quite gotten the nack of them.
Going to keep on practicing... Cause this is finally a fitness program I can live with! ;-)