Monday, 3 March 2008

Moving to Geotagging & Auto-Publishing Flickr to Blog

Being on vacation this week in a very nice part of France (Savoie and the Tarentaise to be precise), I decided to delve a little deeper into geotagging my moblog photos. This is in fact very simple with the HTC P3600(Trinity) as the built-in camera can link itself to the GPS module effectively putting the exact GPS location information in the EXIF data of the photo.
My initial problem was trying to figure out how to get Flickr to auto-process this information and map the photos directly (with-out it, you need to manually place them on the map and of course the Flickr map interface doesn't search GPS coordinates... bahhhhh). This is possible through an option in the «Privacy & Permissions» section of Your Account. The results are available on my Flickr page or through this geoTag Flickr feed.
I also decided to see what would happen with the direct to blog option that is provided in the extend Flickr options. So expect to see some moblog entries here soon.
So what's next! Well as I use Shozu for uploading my photos from the mobile device, I want to see if I can play with more intelligent tagging before it ends up in Flickr.
I am also considering joining Twitxr which seems to be some form of geotagged moblog network...