Monday, 21 January 2008

EeePC HSPDA Bundle for €199

Well it seems that the mobile operator I use here in France (SFR) is having a special deal to purchase the EeePC with an inclusive unlimited 3G+ account, see this Register HW post.

As tempting as it might seem, I have a number of qualms:
  • It doesn't have integrated HSPDA (3G+), in fact the support for HSPDA is provided by an external USB key;
  • It's actually a rebate if you agree to sign-up for a one or two year contract (see next);
  • (see previous) I already have 3 SFR accounts in various forms... I would prefer to just upgrade one to the new contract;
  • Finally, It's still not clear what they mean by unlimited 3G+ access (the terms and conditions on data download are sketchy - at least IMHO).
Anyway its not really an issue, they apparently are already sold out!