Friday, 25 January 2008

2Buy | !(2Buy)

So, I am off to Houston(TX) next week and building a small shopping list. With the current Euro USD exchange rate might be worthwhile, but I will of course still compare before purchasing. The list of stuff right now stands at:

  • MacBook or MacBook Air or MacBook Pro - not sure which to get still under serious consideration...
  • DVR (digital video recorder) Camera, current suggestions are: ????
  • A new Canon Powershot SD950IS, SD870IS or SD1100IS - probably depending on price vs. features
  • There was something else but I forget...

So I am open to suggestions, hints and whatever your thoughts might be on this list... BTW, I already ordered a nice QNAP TS-209 NAS server!

Translation: To Buy or Not To Buy... ;-P