Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Live MobVideo Streaming... Mobile Web2.0 Here?

Yep it's all coming together, with more and more «relatively» in expensive multimedia mobile phones that do video, photo and much more (hint hint Apple) such as the Nokia N95 as well as a myriad of smartphones like the HTC P3600. We are starting to see some serious attempts to bring web 2.0 and make ubiquitous in the sense available anywhere and at anytime.

My mate monkeyleader is trying one of the latests solutions called Qik. Check out his blog post on the subject here. Unfortunately I can't join the party as the site currently only supports Nokia type phones... Can't wait till they open up to the HTCs!

This brings to mind that Nokia recently launched itself into the content arena as well with Nokia is announcing it as the «mobile social networking experience that encourages collaboration, creativity and communication»! Definitely something to keep a watchful eye on...