Monday, 26 March 2007

Laptop Coolers!

I have unfortunately for the past 3 months been house and couch ridden. Luckily I have a laptop! I have however been feeling the crunch of the overheated CPU (even though it is supposed to be a Centrino Duo). No burn marks on my lap yet but it makes me wonder...

This led me to an article on the Crave Blog from last week. The article talks about some the different laptop cooling devices that fit underneath the laptop and protect both it and your lap or desk. I was actually surprised to see that the non-powered ones are just as effective or even maybe more effective than those that are powered by a USB port (downside of that being the additional drain on the battery).

Hmmm... May need to invest in one of these, something to look into on my next trip to the U.S.


Anonymous said...

No burn marks maybe, but what about your balls! They're probably scorched from the inside.